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I wrote this one about my rockstar crush, in case you're wondering.

You make me want to be a guitar string, latched in through deep holes on a wooden fretboard , my ends cut off to a draw-blood sharpness, my coils wound tight ‘till I resonate
to the frequency
you want from me

You make me want to be a guitar string, pressed down with your fingerpads so I mark them dark and indent them with my shape, smooth plastic pick pulling me up to wail your tune, fingers stretched to get the farthest notes
out of my curved

Oh. Make me sing, make me cry,
Press your pedal and rasp my voice,
Pull my strings and I’ll shriek high
My coils will make the hardest noise
Smash me on the dirty stage,
Bits of my body in some fan’s sweaty fist
Like black ink running down a page,
My broken strings that scrape and twist

At the end of the set, I hope your fingers ache
and your wrists smart, tendons blazing pain
tendons blazing pain like the first time you played this long
tendons blazing pain like you’ve never played this hard a song
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